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Whenever you decide to implement a new standard for your company—either if it is mandatory or optional to obtain its benefits—, make sure to find an organization or validated company. In this way, you will be able to access the option to get certified without any issues and you can also have support and assistance from it. In Chicago, there are not many problems finding companies for this but the real question when you are about to contact and hire them is: are they reliable?


ISOs are quite delicate and hard to implement, and this is what makes companies struggle to try to find an organization that can take care of the task. Now, if you have your doubts about taking this task, keep in mind that implementing the standard itself brings benefits due to all the guidelines and improvements you are able to achieve with the right process. At ISO Pros, you can contact us to get access to several normative options we have available.

In our company, we have made sure to remain updated with every new or modified ISO from any industry. This means we are not like other validated companies in the area that only provide very specific certifications and completely forget about the implementation of training for companies. Instead, we have made sure to offer implementation, support, and consulting services in this matter to automotive, aerospace, medical, and many other industries and therefore, companies.

Starting with one of the most common family standards: ISO 9001. The best part about contacting us is that you can even visit our offices or installations. We are near you and this is one of the things we worry the most due to the need of companies and people overall to have access to a validated company.

Do you need to implement AS9100 or another standard?? Maybe Compliance Audit standard for your company or to provide it to someone else? We work with these ISOs and more. You can reach out to us using any of the channels we have available. Including:

  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Contact form.

Make sure to call us during our working hours, and when it comes to emails or messages via our form, we will reply to them within the first 24 hours. We worry about providing the information and answering all your questions as soon as possible, so you won’t wait too long until you hear back from us. Also, don’t feel obligated to request or hire our services right away.

You can ask all your questions and let us know your doubts. This is what we prefer and encourage you to do before considering seriously to get certified with us or with our support. Are you ready to start? We are as soon as you contact us and allow us to know more about your company, industry, ISO needs, and what you expect from our services. And the entire implementation, consulting, and training service applies to new and old companies.