Getting CMMC Certified-ISO Chicago-ISO PROS #1

Getting CMMC Certified in Chicago, Illinois (IL)

Being able to guarantee the safety and security of your information and data that is collected and saved with the new technology is crucial for any company. However, it is hard to achieve a good result in this aspect with the first try, or during the first stage of the process, you are considered to conduct to guarantee this. Now, you really need to put effort and invest resources in investing in a good program that can guarantee both aspects.

Otherwise, your company will always be prone to suffer a huge leak of information. Due to all the issues and current problems with this aspect in specific, the Department of Defense, Federals, and many other entities in the area of politics have made sure to set some standards. One of them is the new CMMC, which was released this year in January.

CMMC goes for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and is a procedure that must be implemented or conducted for DoD contractors or anyone around them. It is mandatory when you have contracts with this entity in specific—most of the time. However, you can also find it useful and functional when you have several issues with your security system to keep unclassified and classified information safe.


Since this standard is quite new, not too many companies or DoD contractors have implemented it nor got certified. And the main reason is that many validated companies and organizations in Illinois haven’t gotten too familiar with the implementation

However, we at ISO Pros worried about providing this mandatory standard for contractors or companies around this entity. And since it was released in January 2020, we had enough time to integrate it into our implementation options before it started to be a formal regulation recently in June.

Therefore, if you need and want to implement CMMC, we are right here near you. Our main offices are located in Chicago where you can visit us and speak with one of our experts to consult, ask, and inquiry anything in your mind. But we also have many facilities all over Illinois to guarantee we are helping as many companies and people as possible to implement such a relevant and necessary ISO.

Since this procedure works with 5 different levels due to the maturity system you will get familiar with soon enough, we are aware that assistance and support to implement it will always be necessary thus the reason why we insist on you considering us.

Our company provides two options: you can contact us to implement it for you or allow our experts to train you and deal with the standard on your own.  Anything you want or need suits us the best and we will be right here available in any of the cities you require our services in.

If you want to contact us beforehand, make sure to call us to the phone number available on our website or send us a message using our contact form. Our staff is always answering the calls during working hours and our replies are never more than a day late.